Monday, January 23, 2012

The benefits of offering namaz

Assalam oalaikum,

If offered in the right way, namaz provides us with peace of mind.
Even the soul of the namazi remains peaceful.
It helps to build a strong relationship between Allah and us.
It shows us the right path throughout the journey of life.
It protects us from evil.
It helps momin to reach the zenith.
It makes the face of the namazi bright and noorani.
A namazi cannot be affected by sifli or black magic.
Namaz will protect us on the doomsday or akhrat
Namaz creates a positive fear for Allah in the heart of the namazi.
It protects us from sins
Namaz is a medium through which our prayers get answered by Allah
Every namazi is granted with an angel, who besides praying for the namazi, also conveys the prayers of the namazi to Allah ta’ala.
Namaz protects us from misery, deceit and unforeseen disasters.
Namaz makes a momin gentle, courteous and decent.
Offering namaz 5 times daily keeps the heart of the momin busy in Allah’s remembrance.
Namaz helps in maintaing the faith on Allah and his Rasool (s.a.w), thereby stopping the momin from going astray.
Namaz makes the life of a namazi easier.
Allah ta’ala is merciful towards the namazi
Namaz is the key to jannat
Last but not the least, namaz drives away satan and renders his attack null and void. In fact, negative energies, evil spirits etc all flee from the namazi.

Hazrat Abu Syed Khodre (R.A) narrated that our Pophet Mohammad (s.a.w) said that “Should I tell you about something through which Allah forgives us of our sins and increases our good deeds?” Sahaaba (R.A) said that “Huzur paak, please let me know about it”. Pophet Mohammad (s.a.w) replied, “Performing wazu properly in spite of difficulties such as cold season, walking briskly towards the masjid and waiting eagerly for the next namaz. The angels pray to Allah to pardon and have mercy on those people who perform wazu before leaving their house, offer namaz along with other momin and then wait for the next namaz eagerly despite all odds.
Keep Me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname

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