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Monday, January 23, 2012

Answer of Azan

As salam u allaiqum
Azan has its own significance and should be given due respect because it is the call for namaz. It is the duty of muslims not to talk during Azan. The azan should be heard respectfully and each phrase of azan should be silently repeated after the moizzin or caller of azan. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has instructed muslims to repeat the azan after the moizzin. The majority of Islamic scholars have adopted the view that azan should be responded as it is heard except for “haya ala salah” which means come to the prayer and “haya alal falah” which means come to the success. In these two phrases the listener should respond by saying 'La hawla wala quwata illa billah'. This view is based on a hadith of Hazrat Umar bin Al-Khattab who has said that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) had himself instructed him to say repeat the azan in this way. Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said that if a person sends Durood upon him one time after the azan, Allah Ta'ala will shower ten mercies upon that person.
There are many ignorant people who do not give any special importance to azan. They keep carrying on with their routine during azan. They are oblivious about the significance of azan. If songs and dances are being aired on the television then they do not lower the volume or switch off their television set. They go on enjoying evils such as vulgar dances and songs and do not pay any attention to the azan. This is a sin and should be avoided.
Read this supplication after listening to the azan:
Narrated Hazrat Jabir (ra) that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has said that whoever reads this dua after azan shall get his help on the day of resurrection. (Sahih Bukhari)
Narrated Hazrat Saad bin Waqas (ra) that he had heard Prophet Mohammad (SAW) say that whoever reads this supplication after azan Allah shall grant him forgiveness.
NOTE: Muslim-dominated areas usually have many mosques. Even if a person repeats the azan from one mosque then it would suffice.

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