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Monday, January 23, 2012

How should the namaz room be?

Assalam oalaikum,
As a rule, males should offer namaz in a jamaat and even if they miss the jamat still they should offer namaz in a mosque only. The mosque is a pious place that is frequented by angels. I can tell this with 100% guarantee that angels visit the mosques. Once during the fajar namaz I saw some spiritual entities entering the mosque. The same day during the Isha namaz when I lifted my hands for prayer, I started feeling drowsy. Then I heard a voice, “Say Ameen”. I responded by saying Ameen. Eventually, I started having a feeling that some people behind me, used to wait for me to complete the namaz. They used to leave the mosque after I had left. I also started having a feeling that they used to wait for me in the same mosque for namaz. Once I went to some other mosque to offer namaz I suddenly saw some buzurgs come towards me. They sat besides me in complete silence.
There are many ahadith that prove that mosques are frequented by angels. Huzur (saw) has instructed the namazis not to eat onions before going to the mosques because the strong smell of the onions can irk the malaaikah or angels.
If anyone offers namaz at home then the following points should be kept in mind:
Namaz should be not offered in such rooms that have attached toilets.
The room should not have any photograph or painting of any living creature.
The room where namaz is offered should not have any disturbance. Television should not be kept on during namaz.
The room should be clean without any trace of urine or excrete, in case there is an infant at home.

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