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Monday, January 23, 2012

why do we miss namaz?

Assalam olaikum,
What are the reasons due to which we neglect something as important as namaz? Or else, why do we face hurdles in offering namaz in spite of the fact that we may be healthy-both mentally as well as physically? We may have the energy to complete all our daily chores. We may even get the time to watch movies for 3 hours at a stretch. However, when it comes to offering namaz we start feeling lazy and making all kinds of excuses although it takes hardly 5-10 minutes to offer namaz. Some people do not hesitate to chat with their friends for hours together. Some others waste many hours sleeping. Video games also keep many people hooked for several hours. So if we can manage to get time for all our hobbies and recreation then why don’t we take interest in offering namaz to worship our creator? The reason behind all this laziness, irresponsible behaviour and negligence is shaitan. There are many people who do not understand the true nature of shaitan or else may simply not be interested in foiling shaitan’s plans.
Such people are only interested in enjoying their lives to the hilt and do not care about anything else. They think only in terms of worldly affairs and materialistic desires. They are unaware about their death, questioning in the grave by Munkir and Nakir and their akhrat. They get so lost in this temporary worldly life that they forget what is going to take place hereafter.
Watch these videos to understand the role played by shaitan in distracting us from namaz.

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Anonymous said...

Great work done against Shaitan!!!! Keep it sure it will help all Muslims,including me..i also get lazy when it comes to offering prayers to Allah...I will try my best to get out of this habit.